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BDF is the oldest bujinkan budo taijutsu club in Finland. It was registered 1987 in Porvoo and moved to Helsinki in the early 1989.

Our main dojo (training hall) is located in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. Street address is Mekaanikonkatu 17, 2rd floor.

You'll get there easily by metro via Siilitie station (subway/underground in finnish) or the bus lines 500 or 79.

More info can be request by e-mail from the instructor -

Advanced group (adults and over 15 years old)


Sundays at 18:30 - 20:30 @ Herttoniemi Dojo



Beginner's course (adults and over 15 years old)


1st beginner's course of the year begins in



Sundays at 18:30 - 20:00 @ Herttoniemi Dojo


Our dojo´s membership- and practise fees shall be paid into our account in Nordea 101130-204429.


The training fees must be paid before attending to classes. Only single-training fees can be paid at the dojo before attending to training. First two weeks of the basic course can be attended for free.


You may now also use the "Smartum kulttuuri- ja liikuntaseteli" and "Tyky-Kuntoseteli" vouchers to pay for the classes. Read more information about the vouchers at the address: and

Attention! When paying the training fees (except for the single-training), make sure you give a clear information of what you are paying.

(ex. 6 month "January-June" fee).

(6 months) January - June
(6 months) July - December
(3 months) January - March
(3 months) April - June
(3 months) July - September
(3 months) October - December
(1 month) January 
(1 month) February
(1 month) March
(10 times card)...


Membership - 50€
6 month - 250€
3 month - 150€
1 month - 80€
basic course - 95€


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